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Why Wait Longer in the Q? -- RSVP is required for all JCSC events where food is served -- Click here to RSVP now and get your RSVP QR code

Jai Jinendra,

JCSC cannot manage the food when the headcount is unknown.

Effectively immediately, we are asking all members who visit Derasar to RSVP for any JCSC event where food is served.

Food will not be denied to anyone.
However, preference may be given to the members that take this seriously and spend 15 seconds to give JCSC their RSVP and others may have to be in the line longer.

RSVP is the Jain Way and we hope that you will agree with it.

Click here to RSVP for upcoming JCSC event (if any):



When will we get our QR code?:
Your QR code is linked to your phone # and stays the same and we will simply add credit when you do the RSVP and deduct the credit when you show it and we scan it. If you are doing the RSVP for the first time, you will receive the QR code on the day of the event..

Do all members have to be together?
No. You can share your QR code with the rest of family members. You can print and keep a copy. Please do not share your QR code with anyone outside of your immediate family.

What happens if we do not come?
We hope that this never happens or happens very rarely. Please ensure that we scan your QR code for each member in the family. Expect an email/text/call from the JCSC President if you make JCSC waste food.

Please text us on 949 4 PUJARI or send an email to We will respond within 24-48 hours.

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